Deo Confidimus 6253



Deo Confidimus Lodge 6253 in the Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex.

The first step towards the formation of this Lodge may be said to have been taken in March 1942, when Mr Charles T. Dodd introduced W.Bro Len Freeman to Bro W.E.Arnold, both of whom had been for some time conscious of the need for a meeting place for Masonic members of the staff of the County Borough of West Ham at a time which would not clash with their official duties.

It seems strange that a non mason should have been the means of bringing about the formation of the group which became the nucleus of the Grove Scool of Instruction. Yet so it proved.

Although it was not until May 3rd 1943 that the two brethren so introduced felt justified in calling the meeting which decided to form the school.

Present at the Meeting were:-

W.Bro      Len Freeman
W.Bro      J.T.Letley
Bros:-      G Adams 
               C.L.J Ward BSc

Those selected to take office were:-

Preceptor                       W.Bro Len Freeman
Secretary                       Bro W.E.Arnold
Treasurer                       Bro J.W.Fox
President of Committee   Bro E.C.Stewart
Vice President                Bro.T.W.Phillips
Commitee Members        Bro J.T.Letley
                                    Bro. W.T.Clarke

Eastminster Lodge No 5370 expressed its desire to sponsor the new Lodge and W.Bro H Hurlin, Bros J Davis, W.H Leach and J.J Walsh became Founders and a resolution appeared on the summons for the December 17th 1945 Meeting in the name of W.Bro Chas.L.Ward, LGR. This was agreed and carried unanimously at their Meeting on February 18th 1946.

That a petition for a new Lodge to be named "Deo Confidimus" be promoted.

The first officers of which should be:

W.Master                     W.Bro Len Freeman
S.W.                             Bro A.E.Mason
J.W.                             Bro W.E.Arnold
Treasurer                     W.Bro H.E.Bywater
Secretary                      W.Bro Chas, H.W.Ward
D.C                              W.Bro E.C.Stewart
S.D                              Bro W.T.Clarke
J.D                               Bro J.Davies
A.D.C                           Bro J.W.Fox
Almoner                       W.Bro H.Hulin
Organist                       W.Bro T.W.Phillips
Assistant Sec.                Bro A.J.Edge
Inner Guard                  Bro J.J.Walsh
Stewards                      Bro L.J.Lincoln
                                   Bro G.Keighley
                                   Bro W.A.Leach
                                   Bro H.A.W.Farmer

That the Lodge to meet at the Northumberland Rooms, Trafalgar Square on the first Saturday in September, November and March, and the third Saturday in May.  

The Initiation fee to be 25 Guineas, the joining fee 10 Guineas, the re-joining fee 5 Guineas, the Annual Subscriptions 5 Guineas, and the non-dining fee 2 Guineas.
The Founders fee was agreed at 10 Guineas and each Founder undertook to present his Collar of Office to the Lodge.
The Taylor's manual of the Ritual be adopted and a Lodge of Instruction be formed.
The Lodge Secretary was given full authority to purchase all necessary tools and regalia for the Lodge.

The Grand Secretary arranged for the Lodge to be consecrated on Wednesday 12th June 1946 at 3pm at Freemasons Hall by the Assistant Grand Master Right Worshipful Brother Brigadier General W.H.V.Darrell, C.B. C.M.G. D.S.O assisted by
W.Bro Harvey Bowring J.G.D                              Senior Warden
W.Bro Charles Garland A.G.D.C                           Junior Warden
W.Bro Rev F.W.Ferraro M.A. B.D. P.A. G.CH         Chaplain
W.Bro Sidney Kingsley Tupps Dep G.D.C.             Director of Ceremonies
W.Bro Edward W. Childs P.A.G. St Br.                  Inner Guard

The Worshipful Master, W.Bro L Freeman appointed and invested his Officers.
Senior Warden                                                Bro A.E.Mason
Junior Warden                                                Bro W.E.Arnold 
I.P.M                                                             W.Bro H.Hurlin P.Z.
Secretary                                                       W.Bro Chas. H Ward J.P LGR
Director of Ceremonies                                    W.Bro E.C.Stewart
Senior Deacon                                                Bro W.T.Clarke
Junior Deacon                                                 Bro J Davies
Asst. Director of Ceremonies                             Bro J W Fox
Almoner                                                         W.Bro H Hurlin. P.Z
Organist                                                         W.Bro T W Phillips
Asst. Secretary                                                Bro A J Edge
Inner Guard                                                    Bro J J Walsh
Stewards                                                        Bro L J Lincoln
                                                                     Bro G Keighley
                                                                     Bro W H Leach
                                                                     Bro H A Farmer
Tyler                                                              W.Bro R Newton

The first Candidates for Initiiation proposed and seconded were,
Mr Charles Thomas Dodd
Mr Tony Davies
Mr Arthur Henry McCormick
Mr Sydney Reeves
Mr George Albert Edward Jamieson
Mr Albert Walter Blofeld

The first joining members proposed and seconded were,
Bro L.R.W.Morley of Shernhall Lodge No 5004
Bro R.J.Clark of Cannon Lodge No 1539
Bro R.J.B.Neal of Venerable Bede Lodge No 4091
Bro C.T.Brant of Tottenham Lodge No 5112 

The seven regular Officers of the Lodge were appointed by the Committee for the framing of the By Laws of the Lodge, these were subsequently endorsed and approved by the M.W.Grand Master on the 18th September 1946.

The Consecrating Officers were elected Honorary members of the Lodge.

Over 90 brethren were present at the consecration, many of whom had the oppotunity of witnessing this solemn and beautiful ceremony for the first time, It was considered one of the most impressive cermonies by those who had attended other Consecrations.

The Lodge was closed in peace and harmony, and 86 brethren enjoyed a hearty Festive board served in the Crown Room at the Conaught Rooms, where the Worshipful Master presented a rolled gold Ever-Sharp pencil to each of the Consecrating Officers as a memento of this wonderful occassion.

As a mark of their esteem and appreciation, the Founders subscribed towards an electric clock suitably engraved, which was presented to W.Bro Ward on their behalf by the Junior Warden Bro W E Arnold.

To conclude this record, it will not be out of place to append a few remarks on the Name and Badge of the Lodge. Most of the Founders were closely connected with the Borough of West Ham, and it was at one time thought "The West Ham Lodge" might be a suitable name, but inview of the existence of another Lodge in whose name the Borough forms part, it did not commend itself. Other suggestions were "The Two Abbeys" "The Grove" and "The Municipal" but a happy thought on the part of W.Bro Stewart settled on the name "Deo Confidimus" the motto on the Borough Arms, signifying "In God we trust".

For the Lodge Badge it was originally hoped that permission might be given by the council for the use of the Borough Arms, but this was refused, and at the suggestion of W.Bro Ward adopted the use of the Martyers Memorial in the church yard of St John's Church, which stands in the centre of Stratford Broadway. Both the name and the badge of the Lodge were approved by the Grand Master. Bro L. Luck drew a sketch for the Lodge Badge from the photograph of the Martyrs Memorial.

The Founders having expressed a desire to incorporate an extract from the oration of the Chaplain at the Consecration with special reference to the name and crest of the Lodge, W.Bro Rev. F.W.Ferrero readily complied the following:-

"I desire to thank W.Bro Secretary designate for the courtesy he showed in giving me such a full account of the history behind your intriguing title and you're most impressive crest. I recognise it as the well known "Martyrs Memorial" at Stratford, the historic and ancient part of East London with which so many of your brethren are connected.

You have chosen a Latin phrase for your motto, and i am glad it is so, for Latin is the universal language, and you thus symbolise the world-wide office of Freemasonry.
This said weary world needs all the Craft can give more than every day. Go forward, therfore, with the firm conviction you are called upon to pour the healing balm of consolation into the wounds of the suffering humanity.

Historains of the future will remember this year as being one which was sadly dissllusioned about peace, and the date that future generations will see under your Crest will remind them that in this new year a band of men obtained from the Grand Master a Charter to help the world anew.

You have chosen for your Crest a Memorial which some of you have seen from your boyhood days, a Memorial to a little band of citizens who died that the Volume of the Sacred Law should be in the hands of all, let their spirit animate you. May the fact that this Sacred Volume is always open in the Lodge reminding you of the needs of absolute sincerity in all your preceedings, both in the actual work in the Lodge and above all, in the after proceedings wherein so many brethren fail.

Choose your candidates with care, and be sure in your interviews you stress the fact that our noble craft is founded on the real appreciation of the existence of the deity not only as a creator but as a sustainer, which leads me on quite easily to the meaning of your title "Deo Confidimus" "IN THE LORD I PLACE MY TRUST"

Those citizens who died 400 years ago that we might live a fuller and a real life, had found the solution to life's riddle, God is the creator and the sustainer, not some far off Deity, but one who cares and loves, with whom we children of men can and must get in contact, and if we do, and as masons we must, we are sure of ourselves, of our duty and of our destiny.

May That Great Architect who shapes our destiny ever be with Deo Confidimus Lodge No 6253 from generation to generation.

It might be of interest to the future members of the Lodge to have it recorded, that arrangements were made for its formation during the time the Second World War was in progress, with the noise of falling bombs and rockets often disturbing, and indeed endangering the persons of the Founders. It is to their credit that they continued with the preliminary meetings amid such trials and dangers until shortly after our Country and Allies had emerged victorious from the threatened oppression.

They had gained their objective, and what was once a cherished dream was an accomplished fact. " Deo Confidimus Lodge 6253" was now in being.